A student’s guide to doing the washing

Ok, so you’ve arrived at university and about to fend for yourself for the first time. You probably won’t need to use the washing machine at first. Your clothes should last you a few weeks, you might even be able to stretch it out until your first trip home and ask your Mum to do it – but eventually, one day, you’ll have to do the washing on your own!

Firstly check the labels of the clothes you are washing to make sure they are all suitable to go into the washing machine. If you are not sure what the symbols mean click here to find out. Then sort the clothes into separate piles according to colour. Have one pile for whites, one for dark clothes and one for any bright colours. You should do a separate wash for each one of these piles.

Check the clothes for stains. Any heavy stains should be treated with a detergent or stain remover before putting them in the wash

Next check all the pockets for lose items. Hard and sharp items such as coins or keys can do serious damage to your washing machine and tissues will shred and cover your clothes!

Now load the washing machine. Be careful not to overload it – as a rule of thumb leave a gap of four inches between the top of the washing and the top of the drum

Measure out the detergent and pour it into the correct compartment of the drawer. Check in the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions as to which compartment is the right one and check on the detergent packet to find the correct amount of detergent

Add fabric softener – again check the label for the instructions

Next choose the correct washing cycle. The washing machine instructions should help here and you can often find details of the washing cycles on the front of the washing machine.

Now turn on the washing machine and wait for it to finish

When the washing machine has finished take out the clean clothes and hang them out to dry.

And if you need to buy a washing machine during your time at university then be sure to read plenty of reviews before you rush out and buy one – get the right machine for you and make sure you get value for money.

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